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What is D'Artagnan



D'ARTAGNAN is a group of print and digital mediums targeting the men's lifestyle sector through premium content creation and multi-channel brand engagement. We create a series of 'touchpoints' for your brand and connect them to your target market via a combination of real world engagement, digital and print media. Be it video, event or print, we oversee every stage to ensure that we don't just give you a database; we create brand ambassadors, people that champion your brand. We're not concerned about moments, we're about creating momentum.



We work with brands to create ambassadors; individuals that will further the growth of the brand - we call this an aftershock. The larger the aftershock, the bigger your brand engagements, and the longer it's resonance, the bigger your smile. We believe great content and concepts are the way to achieve this - and that hence is our focus.




The opening up of the market place via the 'new economy' of the internet has meant that purchase decisions are in the main based on interest, with demographics such as age becoming less and less accurate. We don't look at ages, we look at purchase attitudes. That said through the diversity of our four main platforms, we target the entire attitudinal interest spectrum of the lifestyle male market. We also work with partner platforms if required/requested, to increase the number of touchpoints and create an even bigger aftershock. 


At D'ARTAGNAN our aim is to make your job easier. Once we know what your - or your client's - objectives are, we put together a multiple platform proposal, detailing what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen. The proposal will cover the designated campaign period, giving you a variety of touchpoints across our media platforms (potentially including some of our partners) to give you complete transparency. It also means that the whole season campaign is planned multi season with one hit, rather than having to have multiple conversations about the same campaign; one for all.